BE AROUND OPENS IN MILAN THE FIRST BOUTIQUE. The high-end sportswear brand inaugurates its first official single-brand store in Milan, and for International retail debut starts in the Lombard capital.

The space – which covers an area of ​​about 80 square meters – is a tribute to the excellence of the BE AROUND collection, the Italian craftsmanship, the ability to make iconic with a lifestyle twist the sportswear, characterized by yarns and fabrics of very high quality, enclosed in a pure design frame: the BE AROUND Boutique was in fact designed and set up by the architect Giorgio Palù, Compasso d’Oro 2016 for the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium project inside the Cremona Violin Museum. A particularly important award because it is the first Compasso d’Oro in history dedicated to architecture.

For BE AROUND, Giorgio Palù has designed a space characterized by essential and rigorous lines, in a play of neutral tones of white and gray to better enhance the colors of the items in the SS18 collection. The predominant parts of the furnishings are made of wax-treated iron, with the exception of the large central table made of mirror-polished stainless steel, which reflects the installations and creations of the brand. Artistic details that embellish the Flagship Store giving it a unique appearance of its kind.

For the brand, the Boutique represents the first opportunity to sell in the physical store, supporting the official e-commerce activity started in November of last year, as well as the first step of a brand development and distribution strategy at the mono-brand level and subsequently wholesale.


Be Around

Absolute willingness to evalutate productive ways with respect for tradition’s respect. Research of new fabrics that give continuity to the story of Moda Sport Fashion Italiana. Determination to follow a guideline that brings the collections to be thought and entirely made in Italy. Desire to involve in our project young and innovative fashion designer.
Ambition of ideas that brings “Be Around” to became a brand symbol of sportswear. Goal declared to be able to be a pleasure to those who like it.
It aims to technologies, fabrics, fibers, washings and colors that lake our clothes to be, not only good to see, but strong. These are some of our beliefs, that gave us birth and made us grow.

Our Brand's Features

100% Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy

Be around offers a entirely made in Italy project, born, created and made in Italy by experts of this sector’s hands to give to the costumer an high quality, modern and trendy product.

High Quality Materials

High Quality Materials

All our clothes are made with high quality materials, technical fabrics, special yarns, very well kept details. The seams are very precise and the innovative digital prints give a modern cut to the collection.

Bright Colours

Bright Colours

Be around collection is made by very bright and modern chromatic choices. The colors are bright and sophisticated which give a modern cut to all our clothes just to stay in line with trends.


David Moss, professional basilet ball player, multi champion with Italian teams of Siena and Milano, he gave us his image as our first Be Around official testimonial. Moss chose to represent our brand in this project by establishing a relationship for our future collections.

David Moss